YF v.0.2.101 release + changelog


This version of Yellow Family it’s just a quick revision, the game engine version has been upgraded, that solved graphic issues on Android BUT removed the window at the start on Windows/Mac/Linux that let the player choose the resolution, so by default it’s set at 1280×720 in those platforms, take that in mind, next version(v.0.3) will add an options menu to choose the screen resolution

Changelog YF 0.2.101: 

-Solved some graphic issues on Android version

-Removed(deprecated) start window on Windows/Mac/Linux, resolution forced in this version to 1280×720

-Minor fixes, small addition(corridor light switch)

The updated version it’s now available on my web page: BudaCoca.com

With that out of the way, I’m starting to work on v.0.3, this one will decide the future of this project so I’m gonna take my time to rebuild, destroy and create several things

See ya 🙂


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