YF November progress report


The version 0.2.101 was compiled with the last version of Unity Engine, which removed on Windows, Mac and Linux the launcher that allows the player to choose the resolution at the start. That issue became my highest priority so that’s what I’ve been working on, the new menu unifies Save/Load, General settings, Graphic settings, Name Changes, etc. It will also include a Gallery section so the player can take a look to the unlocked images

This menu will be finished next month, replacing the current one based on the phone

Next, there’s an issue on Android devices using a different screen ratio than 16:9, like many modern smartphones having an 18:9(2:1) screen. The game engine tries to adapt the game to that aspect ratio and ends up being a mess. I’m testing ways to mitigate this

On the art side, the main artist(34san) is working a couple of hours per week on art for the next version, the second artist that was planned to work in the project is too busy so everything will remain the same for the moment on the art side

See ya soon 🙂


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