YF 0.2.100 release + changelog


This version it’s a general system & graphic improvement, very much needed for the release at the new platforms. It doesn’t add new content except for a tiny event, next version (0.3) will be way more focused on that, might even change the game’s dynamic, there’s just not enough content to justify the open exploration in its current form. In recent playtests I’ve seen that not many people reach the “interesting” scenes (breast expansion and BJ), some got lost and bored, that’s something I need to address.

The new version it’s available at my new webpage(BudaCoca.com), lists all the available platforms

Changelog YF 0.2.100:

-Current platform support increased, now it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS(as unsigned .ipa, you can sign it using CydiaImpactor)

-Temporarily removed the intro comic, will be added back when there’s content that continues that story branch

-Added SaveGame feature, save anytime your game, Android/iOS versions auto-save more often, like when you visit a link to prevent data loss. All versions auto-save when the bed is used

-Main house structure rebuilt, new objects added, POV changed on several rooms

-Added realtime lights and shadows for each room

-Added a tiny provisional event of the parents at their room

-Reworked start UI and adult warning at the start, added a list of all patrons

-Added Unity Analytics to get some data(like player count), if there’s no internet the game works anyways

-Several texts changed/revised, bugs solved, internal fixes, events revised…

-Added outline on some objects that require to interact with to make some progress

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