YF 0.2.100 post launch data


Usually unless you use a platform like steam, there’s no way of knowing how many people are playing your game, unless you put analytics inside of course, here’s the result, a top peak about 1000 users, but almost as fast as it went up, went down, I guess there’s no point on keep playing if there’s nothing you can really do once you watch the limited content(unless you want to use the game as virtual visit of the house). Interesting results, more players than I was expecting. 

Another interesting fact is that from all those users, none is using iOS, it makes sense since the user currently needs a computer to sign and install the App(unless you have Jailbreak), in which computer you are able to run the game itself. Android, on the other hand, is used by 7% of the users.

I’ll write another entry soon about what’s next, the current build of YF seems quite stable but the new Unity Engine version apparently solved some graphic artifacts on Android so I might end up releasing an update for all platforms, let me know if there’s any other bug that you are aware of 🙂

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