Next versions of Yellow Family


v.0.2.101 will be just a quick bug-fix, to be released this month, will address some graphic issues on Android and solve a couple of bugs on all platforms. I’ve added a light switch in the corridor for the quick scene of the bedroom

v.0.3 on the other hand, it’s a content update, the convenience store won’t be added yet because the current efforts are focused on the current characters and locations, the game must improve in several ways before moving forward, like improving the laboratory scenario or revising the gameplay¬†

This version will include the new Jessy event, mom taking a shower and mom doing exercise in the living room. The release date will be announced when the release it’s closer. For this version I’m considering giving earlier access to 5$ patrons, it will be just several days before the usual public release, while I work on minor bugs/details

For this version, I’m also considering to also work with another artist(not replacing), if everything goes as expected I’ll publish an example so you can let know what do you think about it. The style is a little bit different but the conditions are better for me

See ya soon!


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