Full Changelog Yellow Family

Changelog YF 0.2.101: 
-Solved some graphic issues on Android version
-Removed(deprecated) start window on Windows/Mac/Linux, resolution forced in this version to 1280×720
-Minor fixes, small addition(corridor light switch)

Release Notes v.0.2.100:

-Current platform support increased, now it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS(as unsigned .ipa, you can sign it using CydiaImpactor)
-Temporarily removed the intro comic, will be added back when there’s content that continues that story branch
-Added SaveGame feature, save anytime your game, Android/iOS versions auto-save more often, like when you visit a link to prevent data loss. All versions auto-save when the bed is used
-Main house structure rebuilt, new objects added, POV changed on several rooms
-Added realtime lights and shadows for each room-Added a tiny provisional event of the parents at their room-Reworked start UI and adult warning at the start
-Added Unity Analytics to get some data(like player count), if there’s no internet the game works anyways
-Several texts changed/revised, bugs solved, internal fixes, events revised…-Added outline on some objects that require to interact with to make some progress

Release Notes v.0.2.92:
-Quick bugfix, Menu UI not showing properly on talking with the Bartender & skip intro during the intro

Release Notes v.0.2.91:
-Fix the PC interaction after placing the hidden camera
-Added the Reverend kiss photo on the camera software(shows up when you complete the related event)
-Fixed some warnings/removed unused internal references
-Minor fixes & changes

Release Notes v.0.2.90:
-Built-in a new character portrait system that uses modular images for the characters in conversations(saves storage), also allows the images of the characters to be animated. All the character images have currently a simple animation of breathing and blink
-Added the bathroom of the parents’ room.
-Added clinic and images for the tiny new event(Breast expansion).
-Reworked some conversations to fit the new event
-Temporary removed of the tomato conversation, this will be a separate event
-The first contact with Reverend’s daughter enables the Restaurant(before was the second one)
-(Provisional)Stats/Emotions system for character relationships, currently noticeable just in sister(she can get angry)
-Added color images for Reverend and his daughter in Church, Reverend’s daughter in Restaurant & Scientific Woman.
-Several tweaks and optimizations in code, 3D models and Scenario
-Know bugs solved, revised some animations
-Simple FPS Counter(can be activated in Settings)

Release Notes v.0.2.81:
-Quick bugfix, image corrections

Release Notes v.0.2.80:
-Removed Unity analytics(not used)
-Added Supporters list at the start of the game
-Smartphone UI added, includes “Quest List” and Cheat option to go directly to the last event of Reverend’s daughter
-Character tones revised for the characters
-B/W images of the last event of Reverend’s daughter replaced with color ones
-B/W image of Sister in bed replaced with a revised & colored one
-Scenario: latch for Bathroom, simple garage, “Love Tester” for the Tavern

Release Notes v.0.2.70:
-Custom character names preserved
-Skip days option in bed
-Shower message replaced with Icon
-(optional)Fade transitions between rooms
-Time goes by, UI indicator added
-Added a little bit of story for Jessy
-All the remaining characters for conversations in color(except Jessica on Cafeteria)
-Minor changes

Release Notes v.0.2.61:
-Bugfix: Intro not showing properly

Release Notes v.0.2.60:
Just an aesthetic improvement, no new story yet
-Inks for all characters in conversations, color for Frank & Max Power
-Minor fixes and adjustments

Release Notes v.0.2.53:
-Minor fixes & balances
-Work in the lab without talking with John after the first time you do

Release Notes v.0.2.52:
-Prof.Frank revised
-Minor improvement on NavMap
-Character portraits script improved to avoid multiple selections

Release notes v0.2.51:
-Bort’s computer it’s now interactable

Release notes v0.2.50:
-First public release with(a little bit of) content, includes translation to English(Provisional)
-2 “interesting” images

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