Current Status of YF (08/2019)


Going back to real-time Illumination:

On April 26 I published a sneak-peak to the Illumination changes that were being implemented, it was “rendered” and while a little bit exaggerated, looked really nice. So, why I’m going back to real-time Illumination? Simply because the other one takes way more developing time, as an example, every time something changes in the scenario like lights or objects, needs to be recalculated. I might go back to “rendered” in the future, but for the moment here’s the improved real-time(August):


Here’s how the bedroom looks now and how the character image fits on the scene:


Android version status:

“It just works” but needs several specific changes to be reliable, like pausing or saving state when switching apps.

How’s the next version going:

-0.2.100 was supposed to be a quick update but has ended up being the biggest scenario change since the start, resulting on going way off the estimated release date. Next thing is to finish the planned changes on the text and the new scene for this version

Once that’s finished I’ll inform you if there’s going to be any other additions or I’ll directly publish the release date

So that’s about it, see ya soon 🙂

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